Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 7 – Sept 18 -YORK

This morning we started off on a half day tour of York including the battlements, shambles, and the York Minster which was established as a missionary teaching church. When we got to the church we had to join in with another group because we didn't have a guide reserved.  DORON WHERE ARE YOU?????   We got to see the beautiful  stained glass some of which dates back to the 12th century.  

The above Boxx shows the Madona feeding the Baby Jesus with a bottle - this is from the Victorian influence.  I bet there are times she would have liked the convenience.

While at York Minster Kathy had a mishap and fell down a step and twisted her ankle.  She has some torn ligaments and Ken, Kathy, Will and I spent part of the afternoon in the ER. - Nothing like a new experience!
Bob, our coach driver (we were informed he doesn't drive a bus) swung into the ER and picked K&K up and took them to the hotel.  Will and I caught a cab back to the Jorvik Viking Center to join up with the rest of the group and experience the history of the Viking period through modern technology and demonstrations of old time traditions.  

The rest of the day was free to do some shopping in York.  Joe, our guide, and I went to Starbucks and tried to figure a way to get Julie's piece of luggage from Stratford on Avon to our hotel in Herrogate.  After many phone calls to the hotels, carrier services including Fed Ex (who won't even talk to you if you don't have and account in the UK) and car rental companies, we finally decided to have it brought by cab to the tune if 240 pounds.  Boy, is the insurance company going to like this group.  So far we will have 3 claims.  NO MORE CATASTROPHES!!

We went to dinner at the Olive Tree Restaurant and had a lovely meal.

We finished off the evening with a Ghost Walk

 Bob was waiting for us and picked up a very weary group and headed for the hotel.  Julie's luggage arrived around 11:45 pm.  YEA!!!

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