Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 3  Sept 14 – LONDON

i was up at 4:30 AM - this is normal for me the first day after a long flight.  Even Will was awake by 5:30 but didn't crawl out of bed until an hour later.  We had a really great breakfast at the hotel.

Today is a full day of touring the sites of London.  First visit was Westminster Abbey where many kings and queens have been crowned and where many royal weddings have taken  place. 

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Our next visit was to St Paul's Cathedral where we had a tour and  grabbed some lunch in the Crept Cafe of St Paul's 

Will got to see some of the places that he sees every Christmas in my Village Display like Tower Bridge and the Globe Theater

We  then went to Tower Pier to enjoy a cruise along the Thames River to Westminster. In the process we had a great view of the London Eye, Parliament and Big Ben.

As you can tell, it is a pretty gloomy day weather wise, but we are still enjoying the sights.  The bus picked us up and dropped us off the at hotel around :5:00.  We have until 7:30 before we get to eat dinner.  Boy, do they eat late over here.

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