Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This AM we enjoyed a tour of the Shakespeare's birth house,

 the Nash House which is located next to where the house stood where he lived and died

 and then to Hall's Croft that his daughter owned. 

Some of us decided to have lunch here.

 In the afternoon we had a guided tour of the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre. We got to see what all is involved behind the scenes when they put on a production.  Very impressive. 

 We then traveled to Lutterworth where we visited St. Mary’s Church and the John Wycliffe Memorial.  When we arrived we found out that they had not been notified we were coming and had to punt for someone to give us info on the place.  Fortunately, the Treasurer was there and gave us a little info on the history of the church.  I could add a few comments on the subject and we seemed to get along ok with this stop.  

After we  traveled to York and checked into the Holiday Inn.  We discovered that Julie's suitcase was left in Stratford on Avon.  That is another story for tomorrow.

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